Джимми Поп о концерте Bloodhound Gang в Киеве.

Опубликовано Май 31, 2007 16:25 5 комментариев
Фейсбук Твиттер

The flights to Kiev suck, but I won’t bore you with that. We get in, the crew has to hurry to set up and the day overall is one gigantic mess. We expected it to be though, so I guess it wasn’t that bad. The show that came out of this mess though… absolutely brilliant. Don’t know if its just because we felt under pressure or because the crowd was out of control or we drank just the right amount of Ukranian vodka, but we all played one of our best shows. It was awesome. I felt like the King of the world up there. It was boiling hot, super sweaty, and amazingly fun. The crowd was so excited and I love seeing stuff like that. Kind of made the whole trip worth it. The flight back to Berlin sucked too, but already expected that.

Вот оно че, Михалыч…
P.S. Спасибо Тимуру Дорофееву за наводку.

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